How to Get Cheap Flights

How to Get Cheap Flights

What do you do when you have been a travel agent who has worked hard to bring in thousands of dollars to your company, but they still fired you for refusing to pay preposterous fees to let you stay? Well, for Tony Chau, he decided to take some revenge…in a good way.

You see, he was a top-performing travel agent for many years, however, his company fired him because he would not continue paying the ridiculously expensive fees that were required of him to keep his travel agent account active.

He did put up with this absurd setup of the company for the first few years, but as soon as he realized how he was been continually taken advantage of, he felt that he had done enough to already pay his dues after so many years.

So, now he is out with his own explosive guide to let everyone (including you) know how to finally gain an edge over airline companies to travel the whole world for less money. If there is someone who is credible enough to teach you that, it is Tony Chau.

With all the experience he has, it is a piece of cake for him, and that’s why every time he hears of someone paying for overly-priced plane tickets, he shakes his head with dismay.

He wants to help everyone save themselves from this kind of situation. So, at last, he is now revealing the shocking truths in his informative guide for you to finally be able to travel in luxury at unbelievable bargains!

Let Tony Chau be the fired travel agent to expose to you all the deepest and darkest secrets that all the airlines would definitely not want you to know about how to fly for less.

As a start, he had the grand release of his manual entitled “Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less.” Here are some overwhelming secrets to give you a little sneak-peek preview on what to expect from this eye-opening guide:

  • The booking statistics of airlines that they have been so quiet for decades
  • The best loophole on transferring an airline ticket that is non-transferable
  • The secret process of predicting the prices of all airfares in the future
  • The ultimate guide to help you buy plane tickets at surprising bargains from agents who normally only cater to immigrants (with no documents) looking for cheap flights back to their home country
  • The definitive guide to buying dramatically cheap airfare right at the airport (Warning: do not do this on your own as you would most likely end up paying for more in buying a ticket. For this one, you have to know exactly the unknown location you need to go to and the magic words to say to the airline agent.)

Those are just some of the many secrets that Tony Chau is sharing with you, and he barely even scratched the surface of all that is exposed on his amazing manual! And guess what? The fun does not stop there!

Buy a copy of his manual today, and you will also get to own a “Good Seats Guide.” This will help you manipulate the unimaginable loopholes of the booking systems of airlines that you can take advantage of in order to grab the best seat on your flight!

In this manual, expect to discover the following:

  • The top secret on the best airplane to choose to fly on for the most comfortable ride experience
  • The shameless lie that airlines tell you about seat assignments, and the ultimate way to use their very own lie to potentially get a premium seat for yourself for free
  • How to catch a first or business class seat at an extreme discount
  • The secret source to the major airlines’ complete graphical seating displays to gain exceptional advantages in selecting your seat

And as if the extra guide is still not enough, you will also receive Tony Chau’s eye-popping new bonus named “The Genius Guide to Packing a Luggage” when you buy his manual today. This guide will expose you to the secrets of packing a luggage like a pro using Chau’s genius techniques.

If you think this is not important, well think again! Do you know that efficiently packing your luggage can mean all the difference between paying a huge fee to check in your luggage?

Or, you can also be allowed to carry your luggage onto the plane for the massive free savings. Truly a handy manual, right? You can save hundreds on discounts from not having to check your bag.

Here are some things you can expect to discover from the manual:

  • Creative ways to use the spaces in your luggage that you never thought of doing
  • The genius technique to pack a belt
  • How to keep all of your items clean inside your luggage
  • Preventive ways to keep your luggage from falling over
  • How to double the space in your luggage using one sly trick
  • The proper method of packing liquids
  • How to keep your clothes unwrinkled
  • How to keep all of your garments feeling, looking and smelling fresh
  • The best way to save time in matching up outfits with Chau’s clever way of packing clothes
  • The complete packing checklist you should have containing every item that must be brought along on travels to ensure a painless and hassle-free trip

And that’s not all! Tony Chau is indeed unstoppable. Own a copy of his guide today, and he will even toss in his “Hotel Reservation Secrets” manual.

Quit being the easy target of overpriced hotel bookings and discover his eye-opening mysteries about the hotel industry that will let you harvest untold savings on each of your future hotel stays.

Below are some of the things you would know from reading the manual:

  • There are some things you must pay for using cash during your hotel stay, as well as certain things you must pay via credit card. Chau will tell you why following his guideline could lead you to saving thousands.
  • Telling the hotel a certain situation could help you save 50% on your hotel stay
  • How to get gifts from hotels
  • How to skip the long check-in lines at the hotel using an astounding trick
  • How to completely skip waiting in the long check-out lines after staying in a hotel using an even more astounding trick

Now how many manuals is that already? Well, Tony Chau is not even done yet. You also get to own the “Car Rental Secrets” manual for free if you buy his manual now.

You will gain instant access to all of Chau’s confidential tricks on getting unbelievable bargains on car rentals. All the hidden ways of grabbing discounts will be revealed, as well as the techniques in getting amazing deals on your car rental.

Be prepared to know the following:

  • How to never pay again for extra in gas
  • How to receive a refund on a non-refundable car rental reservation
  • How to be notified in an instant whenever your car rental reservation’s went down in price
  • When to do rental bookings to make sure you get the best prices
  • The things you must check before making a decision
  • Uncover hidden policies to avoid paying thousands
  • Learn the secret methods in getting free car rentals for days
  • How to get upgrades on your car rental for free
  • How to get 30% + discounts on your car rentals
  • How to squeeze out every amount of discount on top of your already negotiated deal
  • How to discover the car rental offers that Priceline has already accepted, and how to entirely exploit this knowledge to be used to your own advantage

Then again, Tony Chau does not seem to have plans on stopping! He will also include the “Cruise Travel Secrets” manual as the icing on the cake if you buy his manual now.

Yes, that is right. He will never leave any stone unturned about all you need to know about travelling for less. With the Cruise Travel Secrets manual, you will be exposed to the unlikely methods you never thought of in grabbing remarkable discounts on your cruise trips.

Get to know the important things you should be aware of such as:

  • Asking the magic questions to cut your prices in half
  • When to do cruise bookings to ensure the best savings
  • The facts about supply and demand for cruise travel companies that they do not want anyone to know
  • The best way to get up to 50% – 60% discount off your cruise package
  • Getting to know the horrifying cruise crimes that most likely go unreported. Chau will tell you the ways you can keep yourself safe from these atrocities
  • The hidden charges of cruising and the reason that you need to know before it’s too late
  • The complete list of companies rarely known that will offer you cruise packages for super cheap bargains
  • The costs that cruise travel agencies will never divulge up front, and the technique to find them out
  • The most effective way to bargain for the best prices on cruises
  • The shocking truth about cruise insurance you often do not know
  • How to receive insider deals on vacation cruises and packages
  • Know the insider secret on going on cruises for free
  • How to receive portions of your cruise payment to be credited right back to you

Are you still on-board? Well, the manuals seem endless and Tony Chau will also toss in the “Holiday Plus Travel Planner Software” at no extra costs!Just by buying the first manual, you will get to have the best travel investment you will ever make in your whole life!

This manual will teach you how important it is to really plan so you will not forget to do something before travelling or fail to pack something essential. Since most people spend so much money and time on travel, the hard work of properly planning it is taken for granted. This then leads to problems in the long run that ruin your vacation.

But, with this easy and quick software, it will help you plan your every trip and vacation by selecting special forms that are each specifically designed to assist in planning one aspect of your travel. Below is a list of the helpful forms you will gain access to using this incredible software tool:

  • A travel budget form that aims to assist you in planning the costs of all your trips
  • A packing list form that is already ready-made that provides a detailed list of common packing needs as an initial step for you to quickly make a complete packing list, which you can use over and over again for all your trips and holidays
  • A travel itinerary form as well as a daily itinerary form that provide a complete outline in order to help you plan out your trip in detail
  • An emergency information form that records information which might come in handy during an emergency, so that it is easily accessed when you need it the most
  • A form that tracks photos for recording all the photos you have taken during the entire trip

And to top it all off, Tony Chau will get you speaking more than one language in no time with his complete set of “Seven Language Phrase Guides” upon purchasing his first manual. Really, do you understand the amount of education you are getting by just paying for one manual?

Below are the things you will have access to with the said guide:

  • Learn to speak simple phrases in seven various languages including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Sweden and Romanian
  • Get access to the vowels, consonants and diphthongs pronunciation tables
  • Learn how to speak basic words like time, colors, numbers, days of the week and many more
  • Learn how to speak helpful traveling phrases like how to ask questions about train and bus travel, how to hail a cab and useful phrases to help you ask for directions
  • Learn how to ask questions regarding hotel accommodations, the type of payments accepted and how to order certain meals and drinks when in a restaurant

There certainly is A LOT being offered, and you have Tony Chau to thank for all of it. So, how much does it all cost? If you buy the “Save on Airfare: The Definitive Guide to Flying for Less” manual, and you get to own the rest of the other manuals for free, then how much is the first manual?

Well, to make your heart leap, you do not need to pay a thousand dollars. No, not $500 or even half of it. You will not be spending $100 either.

Perhaps your eyes feel like they are already popping out in amazement. What? Not even a hundred dollars? Well, since Tony Chau really wants to take some revenge, he wants to make the guide affordable to each and every person so a lot of people will be exposed to the secrets of travelling for less.

So if you take action now, and you secure yourself a copy of his first manual, you will get all of it for only $75!

Yes, you read that right. All of this overwhelming information for $75. Imagine the one-time investment you are making to save yourself from spending ridiculous amounts of money on things you could avoid again and again for all your trips in the future.

Tony Chau’s manuals are definitely worth the price since you can use them again and again for the rest of your life whenever you fly, rent a car, book a hotel or go on a cruise. Imagine all the endless potential savings you can get time and again each chance you get to travel.

For the amazing low price of $75, you already have a power-packed manual to save you that sum of money on your first trip! Again, let’s take a look on what you will get:

  • “Save On Airfare: The Definitive Guide To Flying For Less” $75
  • Good Seats Guide FREE
  • The Genius Guide to Packing a Luggage FREE
  • Hotel Reservation Secrets Manual FREE
  • Car Rental Secrets Manual FREE
  • Cruise Travel Secrets Manual FREE
  • Holiday Plus Travel Planner Software FREE
  • Seven Language Phrase Guides FREE

Pay a one-time payment of $75 and you get instant and secure private VIP access to all of the secrets that the travel industry would not want you to know. You are truly in command of travelling around the globe for less than the expenses that you would most likely pay for a single domestic plane ticket. This small and one-time investment can pay for itself tenfold the moment you book your next travel.

But, if for any reason you are not blown away by his manuals, Tony Chau will refund your entire purchase price in full. You have 60 days to try it. So, what are you waiting for?

Visit now to get you started on your next amazing trip.