How to Fly Cheap

How to Fly Cheap

It is said that travelling is the best thing you can do to learn about cultures, understand people, become self-sufficient and really illuminate the soul. However, with the costs being so high, the limited amount of time most people have to plan holidays and travelling, getting cheap flights can seem quite impossible.

In order to save a lot of time and money when it comes to booking your flights for a good rate, the best thing to do is get expert advice. For example, Save on Airfares is Tony Chau’s guide to getting cheap flights! This is a must-have tool that will enable you to ask the right questions, to the right people, to get the maximum out of your money.

More so, it saves a lot of time, that would be spend endlessly searching on Google, because Tony Chau gives exact advice, step-by-step methods and specific details on how to get those deals.

There are a few methods that you can apply to get cheap flights, which will be outlined below:

Search Right

Comparing is the best way to know what else is out there, and whether the price you are looking at is a good or bad price. It gets complicated when you start looking into the finer details and there can be certain airlines that seem to give more options or complimentary amenities than others.

However, if you read Tony Chau’s guide, he makes it explicitly clear that there are a certain number of thing that you are entitled to on airlines and with your ticket.

He explains that there are ways of asking for what you want, which will render you successful – including how to get travel agents to get you a cheap flight.

The best thing to do, therefore, after reading Save on Airfares, is to do your own research where Chau has pointed out, as well as ask a travel agent to do some searching. This way you can compare findings, challenge prices and check the legitimacy of your find. This is the best way of searching and a good method of how to fly cheap.

Keep the Luggage Light

If you are trying to save as much as possible and fly as cheaply as possible, you should keep light luggage to avoid paying large fees for excess baggage. More so if you are using a budget airline, you may only be allowed one cabin sized bag anyway. Therefore, packing light and essential items only is vital.

The best thing to do is capture a wardrobe that allows you to mix and match, and layer on and off depending on the temperature and weather. There are certain items you can buy when you have landed such as sun cream, and other items you can use for free from your hotel, like shampoo, towels, creams and other toiletries.

However, Tony Chau argues this point in his guide because he promises there are ways to get away with excess luggage on a flight – because he is an ex-travel agent and knows the ins and outs of the airline industry.

He promises that there are certain people to ask, and specific phrases to say that can swindle you free excess luggage, among a large variety of deals.

Use Another Airport

Just as there are budget airlines, there are certain airports that are cheaper to fly from, and to, than others. For example, in one city there will be a few different airports, and sometimes these can be in close proximity to one another.

In England, the flights leaving from Heathrow are always more expensive than the ones leaving for the same destination from Gatwick or Luton, for example.

Additionally, a lot of the time there are buses you can take between airports, which make the whole process a lot easier.

In Save on Airfares, Tony Chau explains the different methods to use when trying to fly cheap, and knowing what to ask for is important in this. Asking a travel agent to try flexible departure or arrival airports is a point you should consider. Examples such as these are included in Chau’s guide, which is why it should be the top priority for you to purchase!

Don’t Always Use Search Engines

Whilst airline search engines allow you to search multiple airlines, compare and contrast prices, and find a good deal, this is not always the case. Some airlines reserve the best deals for loyal customers, on their own website – and why shouldn’t they?

Being loyal to a specific airline has its benefits, because you get rewarded with deals and promotions exclusive to their loyal travelers. If you have an airline you like, consider searching with them only, joining their membership club, collecting points with them, if applicable, and then doing the same gesture with a travel agent.

Loyalty goes a long way, and travel agents have an inside look into airline seating and pricing, and if they know you always give them business, they are more likely to score you a better deal.

Break Up Your Journey

In a total 180 degree turn from the above method of sticking to one airline, another method is flying on multiple airlines on different legs of your journey.

Looking for flights separately for each leg can actually show you which part of the journey is costing you more, and then you can adjust times or days to get the cheaper flight.

Tony Chau explains that if you do have a layover or a break in your journey, there are a lot of things you can get from airlines, hotels, car rentals and hotels for free or at a seriously discounted price. His guide is thorough, covering the basis of an entire journey, from booking to returning with lots of shopping. It is well worth your buck, to invest in his guide.


When it comes to flying cheap, there are a dozen different methods to try, and many, many how-to articles litter Google on how you should go about them. However, the best and most authentic way of knowing is through tried and tested means, and so Tony Chau’s guide is the best guarantee on how to fly cheap.

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